Thoughts like birds


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(Please also listen to the gorgeous music found at the end of this post as you read.)

The birds circle above her. Silent, except for the slight swish as they mass and melt overhead into jagged, flapping pieces. They swirl and sway, circling like the endless tide. Like her endless thoughts.

She looks out over the water, trying to ignore their mesmerizing movement. She came here to get away from her thoughts, not to have them visualized in front of her. Why can’t they just leave instead of repeating their endless what ifs? If these birds can mass up the courage to break pattern, perhaps her own thoughts will have space to escape. Perhaps they too can fly away and never torment her again.

The wind catches her hair and teases it into a curl in front of her face. Her breath stops. He used to do that. She can feel the slight edge of his fingernail catch on the wrinkles in her forehead as her eyes flutter closed. She tilts her face up subconsciously, waiting for him to draw his finger down her cheek. Even his tiniest touch sends a delicious shiver down her spine.

The wind slaps her hair across her face. A sting of salt in her mouth, sharp intake of breath, and he is gone. He never was hers in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts like birds

  1. Dear Rachel,
    I thought I’d drop you a comment. You probably don’t remember who I am, but my name is Annie and back in 2010 I followed your blog, Vividry (back then I knew you as Melody and I had a blog for a short while called Forever Love, which has long since ceased to exist). If I recall correctly, we also exchanged a few emails. I just suddenly thought of your old blog because the name stuck, and I remembered that you had a beautiful blog design, and something about you being a composer, so I googled and eventually arrived here! You’re writing and music is beautiful as always (I’m delighted that you recorded a CD!) Please know that I’m thinking about you and praying for you tonight, sister in Christ 🙂


    • Dear Annie,
      Yes, I remember you! How wonderful that you found me again! 😀 And thank you – I have been enjoying sharing my writing and music (and photography) on this newer blog. 🙂 Are you doing any blogging of sorts or not so much anymore?
      Thank you so much for praying for me! That is a huge blessing and I so appreciate it. I hope you’ll stick around and maybe we can connect through other social media too. 🙂


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