The other day I heard this piece of music: “Spiegel Im Spiegel” (which means “mirror in mirror,” or a never-ending reflection), and it really touched me. I wanted to show you my imaginings as I listened to this piece of beauty. What do you see in your mind as you listen?

Listening to this music feels like being suspended in cool, clear water, observing the almost imperceptible ebbing of its current. The music flows around you, moving just enough to keep you afloat.

Or the effortless flying that only happens in movie screens or your dreams. A gentle push, and your head peeks above a filmy cloud. Air is your cradle, the sky your haven.

Or the long, deep draw of breath after you have cried right down to your soul. Your chest heaves and falls, but the sadness no longer strangles your lungs. Your eyes open and you realize the morning light is tinting your hands peach.

I feel the rustle of Beauty lifting the curtain to blow her sweet breath on me. Oh to live in this sound-world forever!


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