I am so blessed

I wrote this in my journal this morning, and it made a tired/grumpy/bla kind of day into a joyful/excited/peaceful one. It’s amazing how when you focus on the specific blessings – even the little ones like the ability to text a friend – you open yourself up to the beauty of the life that is already in front of you.

God has really blessed me exactly where I am right now. I have graduated college with a degree and career I love, I have a welcoming home where I can stay as long as I need, my own car without debt, minimal amount of loans to pay off from school, the strong possibility of a summer nannying job for a great kid, the opportunity to be in three of my friends’ weddings this summer, two wonderful friends who live within 10 minutes of my house, and many more who skype and text me to keep in my life, a great piano business I’m starting up that I am proud of and passionate about, a CD that I have waited for so long to make, the ability to go anywhere, do anything, be anyone I want. I have an amazing set of relationships with each of the people in my life, and I’m learning how to be a freer, more joyful person.

I do not need to strive and worry and wait passively for my life to start. God has made my life beautiful right now, and I am content.


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