Welcome to my new home on the web. Becoming.

You might be wondering why I chose this word. It’s a nicely vague word that can mean a lot of things. It’s both a noun (the process of changing or coming to be something), and an adjective (flattering, beautiful, seemly). My hope is that this blog would fit both definitions.

As a noun, becoming speaks of a transition, a journey, the cycle of growing and dying, tender paper-white buds blossoming and fading like torn tissue crushed underfoot. Each season becoming slightly stronger, hardier, bringing more buds and blooms to the world.

It also speaks as an adjective of a simple beauty and grace, an aura of loveliness that perfumes the air like the shy radiance of a rose at first blush.

Welcome! the first post on www.rachelsbecoming.wordpress.com

Here you will find a collection of inspiring quotes, beautiful pictures, musings, poems and stories. I love words and beauty and music, and tying them all together in a way that makes your ears sing and your heart content. My hope is to inspire you to continue on your own journey of becoming the person God is shaping you to be.

Please follow along in this journey with me by following this blog (links at the bottom of the page). I’m excited to share this journey of becoming with you!


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